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24 May 2019, Regenerative Feedback Conference (part 2), Worm, Rotterdam

  • Second part of a conference on listening an its emancipatory potential. Melle Kromhout will present a paper on “The Sonic Politics of Arca.”

24 May 2019, International Conference of Postgraduate Students, Christ’s College, University of Cambridge

  • David Trippett will discuss the research project with graduate students from Cologne University and Cambridge. Event organised in conjunction with Professors Arnold Jacobshagen and Sabine Meine. 

6 May 2019, Musique et Science Sociales Seminar @ l’École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris

  • Melle Kromhout will give a lecture called “Sounds, Waves, Signals. On the Intertwining of Music and Media (1843 – 2019).”

27 April 2019, Franz Liszt’s Sardanapalo, Coolidge Auditorium, Library of Congress, Washington DC

  • David Trippett  will give a lecture about the challenges of editing Sardanapalo, and the process of making a performable version of it. He will then be joined by singers from the Domingo-Cafritz Young Artists Program of the Washington National Opera and the Washington Master Chorale for a performance of this beautiful and exciting work.

11-12 March 2019, Imperfections Conference, University of Amsterdam

  • The meeting marks the conclusion of the research project Sublime Imperfections. Melle Kromhout will present a paper called “Electronic Imperfection. Karel Goeyvaerts’ Sine Wave Music and the Ideal of Perfect Sound.”

14-15 December 2018, Cultural Brokerage Workshop, University of Cambridge

  • Edward Gillin will be a respondent on several papers at this event, which focuses on architecture, music, and the arts.

7-8 December 2018, Acoustics of Empire Conference, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

  • International conference organised by Peter McMurray and Priyasha Mukhopadhyay.

1 December 2018, Mediating Music/Sound: Discourses, Technologies, Socialities, University of Hong Kong

  • David Trippett will be presenting a paper entitled: ‘Voice, Signal, Implant. Do Unmediated Sounds Matter Anymore?’

20 November 2018, Stephen Hales Talk @ Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

  • Melle Kromhout will give a presentation called “How Acoustics and Technology Changed Music”

1-4 November 2018, Annual Conference of the History of Science Society, Seattle

  • Edward Gillin will present a paper about “Harmonious Philosophy: The Place of Sound in British Science, 1830-1849”

23 October 2018, as part of the 1822 Cutting-edge Victorian Lecture Series, Victorian Society in London

  • Lecture by Edward Gillin about “Parliaments and laboratories: architectural history in twenty-first-century Britain”

27 August 2018, Suoni dal Golfo, Music and Poetry Festival in Lerici, Italy

  • Lecture by David Trippett about the discovery of Sardanapalo and Italian Premiere of the first act of Liszt’s lost opera

19-20 August 2018, World Premiere of Sardanapalo, Liszt’s Lost Opera, Deutsches Nationaltheater und Staatskapelle Weimar

  •  For more than 100 years, the manuscript of »Sardanapalo «, an opera based on Lord Byron’s tragedy of the same name, lay hidden in the depths of the Goethe and Schiller Archive in Weimar. Liszt’s plan to compose a major three-act opera in the Italian style never made it past the first act. Now his work is being revived by David Trippett at the University of Cambridge, who spent the last three years working critically on the manuscript, including using Liszt’s own instructions for orchestrating the score. The 2018/2019 concert season opens with the world premiere of the entire first act of this extraordinary work

2-4 July, Biennial International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music, Huddersfield University

  • David Trippett will present a paper on material gaps and data insufficiency in Franz Liszt’s manuscripts

29 June 2018, George Biddell Airy Workshop, University of Cambridge

  • Edward Gillin will deliver a paper on the Astronomer Royal’s work on sound and vibration during the mid-nineteenth century.

16-17 June 2018, Sensing the Sonic Conference, CRASSH, University of Cambridge

  • A two-day conference convened and organized by Melissa van Drie and Melle Kromhout, hosted by the Centre for Research in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CRASSH). Aimed to excavate other means of engaging sound, and to understand how the multifarious physiological elements of hearing contributed to and contribute today to discourses of sensory interaction and communication.

7-9 June 2018, The Audible Spectrum: Sound Studies, Cultures of Listening and Sound Art Conference, Philharmonie de Paris/Université Paris 8, Paris.

  • Between sound studies and practices of sound art, this conference intended to explore the large “spectrum” of the audible: understood as the range of radiation of sound, as its somehow visible manifestation, or as the frequencies that compose it, this spectrum marks the field in which we never cease to negotiate the definition of what hearing is. Melissa van Drie and Melle Kromhout presented papers.

25-27 May 2018, Regenerative Feedback Conference (part 1), ISSUE Project Room, New York

  • First part of a conference on listening an its emancipatory potential. Melle Kromhout presented a paper called “Resisting Pure Sound. Debunking the Myth of Perfect Fidelity, or Why Humans Will Never Be in Charge”

22 May 2018, Science Museum Research Seminar, London.

  • Edward Gillin spoke at the research seminar; on the use of science in the building of the Palace of Westminster.

4 May 2018, Music, Science & Technology Encounters, IRCAM, Paris

  • Melissa van Drie delivered a paper on alternatives histories of sonic media.

2 May 2018, The Long Nineteenth Century Seminar, University of Oxford.

  • Edward Gillin presented a paper entitled ‘Authority, liberalism, and the Victorian search for a national standard musical pitch’.

20-22 April, 2018: Material Cultures of Music Notation Conference, University of Utrecht

  • Melle Kromhout presented a paper called “‘Nature Has Completely Denied Me a Musical Ear’: Are Musical Notes Sine Waves, and Why (Not)?”

20 April 2018, Reconstructions Workshop, Centre Alexandre Koyré, Paris

  • Melissa van Drie delivered a paper for the Techniques, technologie, matérialité Group at the Centre Alexandre Koyré (CNRS, Paris), Maison Française d’Oxford.

17 April 2018, Parliaments, Politics, and People Seminar, Institute of Historical Research, University of London

  • Edward Gillin delivered a paper on the science and architecture of the Houses of Parliament at Westminster.

7 April 2018, Sound and Multiplicity, King’s College London

  • Melissa van Drie delivered a paper on sound and the urban environment. Event organised by Gavin Williams.

15 February 2018: Betwixt & Between: Sound in the Humanities and SciencesMPIWG, Berlin

  • David Trippett presented a paper on the concept of ‘sensory transfer’ within 19th-century philology. Event co-organised by Viktoria Tkaczyk, Hansjakob Simmer, and Julia Kursell, and hosted by the Max Planck research group on acoustics.

23-24 March 2018, Acoustics of Empire Workshop, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

  • Second of two workshops in preparation of an international conference in Cambridge, UK in December 2018, organised by Peter McMurray, Priyasha Mukhopadhyay and Melle Kromhout.

16-17 March 2018, Acoustics of Empire Workshop, MPIWG, Berlin

  • First of two workshops in preparation of an international conference in Cambridge, UK in December 2018, organised by Peter McMurray, Priyasha Mukhopadhyay and Melle Kromhout.

1 February 2018: Manchester University Colloquium

  • David Trippett gave a paper about Liszt’s incomplete opera Sardanapalo.

24 January 2018: Research conversation, Durham University

  • A one-day conference based around Bennett Zon’s recently published Evolution and Victorian Music Culture (CUP 2018), where David Trippett gave a paper on ultrasonics in the 19th century.

14 November 2017: Nottingham University Colloquium

  • David Trippett spoke about editorial challenges in Liszt’s mid-century manuscripts.

9 November 2017: New Intellectual Histories of Music Seminar, American Musicological Society, Rochester

  • David Trippett and Tom McAuley co-organised a seminar on ‘New Intellectual Histories of Music’, at which four papers invoking questions of physiology, bodies and alternative histories of sound were discussed among participating members.

3 November 2017: Ex Umbra in solem Symposium, Catholic University, L’viv

  • A three-day international symposium about lost musical works, honouring Christoff Wolff’s research into the repatriation of Bach’s holdings at the Berlin Singakademie. David Trippett presented a paper on Liszt’s Italian opera, Sardanapalo.

19 October 2017 Cultural Techniques of Radiophonics Workshop, Universität Basel.

  • Melle Kromhout gave a lecture at this workshop organised by the research group Radiophonic Cultures – Sonic environments and archives in hybrid media systems.

7 Sept. 2017: Royal Musical Association Conference, University of Liverpool


A panel on “Epistemologies of sound in the 19th ct.” at the Royal Musical Association Conference in Liverpool, with papers by Melissa van Drie, Edward Gillin and Melle Kromhout examining in three emergent epistemologies for ‘sound’: mathematical analysis; vibrational communication; sentient listening.

30 August 2017: Imagining Wagnerian Bodies: from Nietzsche to Kittler Conference, University of Cambridge


A one-day conference organised by David Trippett on paradigms of Wagner reception within media theory. Hosted at Christ’s College, Cambridge and co-sponsed by the DAAD Hub, University of Cambridge.

7-9 September 2017: Branding Western Music Conference, University of Bern

  • A three-day international symposium at which David Trippett gave a keynote talk on music’s material permutations

5-7 July 2017: Transnational Opera Studies Conference, Tosc@bern

  • A three-day conference on European opera at which David Trippett spoke on Liszt manuscripts, University of Bern.

20 June 2017: IReMus conference on Liszt Studies, Université Paris Sorbonne

  • A one-day conference organised by Nicolas Dufetel, at which David Trippett gave a paper on Liszt’s aborted opera Sardanpalo.

30 May 2017: University of Oxford Colloquium

  • David Trippett gave a paper on Franz Liszt and Italian opera.

11 April 2017: Die Herausforderung, Wagner zu singen Conference, Vienna State Opera

  • A two-day conference organised by the European Academy of Music Theatre, and hosted by the Vienna State Opera. David Trippett gave a talk on the myths and vocal muscles of Wilhemine Schröder-Devrient.

31 March 2017: Music and the body Between Revolutions  Conference, Columbia University


A conference co-sponsored by the ERC Sound and Materialism project and the Heyman Centre for the Humanities, at which David Trippett spoke on “Sound and the Ultrasonic Imagination ca. 1876”. Event organised by Carmel Raz, Julia Doe, and Céline Frigau-Manning

24 March 2017: Performing Cornelius Cardew’s graphic score, Cambridge Science Festival, University of Cambridge


A performance initiated by Melissa van Drie, in which a group of musicians, artists and scholars collectively investigate the relationship between sounds and sign, between lines and music. lines and sound.

17-18 March 2017: After Idealism Conference, University of Cambridge


A two-day conference organised by David Trippett and hosted by the Centre for Research in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CRASSH) in Cambridge. Listen to recordings of all papers of the conference here.